Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Lake of the Arbuckles

The Chickasaw National Recreation area surrounds Lake of the Arbuckles with campgrounds, hiking trails, waterfalls, creeks, a nature center and much more. The lake campgrounds are wonderful for camping, fishing, and boating. The park area near Sulphur, Oklahoma is home to creeks, streams, nature center, and fabulous waterfalls.

Sulphur, Oklahoma Area (Platt Historic District)

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area near Sulphur is not located directly on the lake, but on the creeks, streams, and springs north of Lake of the Arbuckles near the town of Sulphur in the Platt Historic District. This beautiful area has its own campgrounds, nature center, hiking trails, and much more. People come from all over the state to swim in these creeks and enjoy the beautiful natural waterfalls.

Little Niagra Falls

The Little Niagra Falls area provides the perfect retreat for swimmers and waders alike. Visitors enjoy the clear, blue waters in the creek. This area is popular with day visitors and picnickers. This is one of the most beautiful areas of the park and should not be missed by anyone visiting Sulphur, Oklahoma or the Lake of the Arbuckles.


There are six public campgrounds located in Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Three of the six (Buckhorn, Guy Sandy, and the Point) are located directly on the lake. The other three (Central, Cold Springs, and Rock Creek) are located near Sulphur in the Platt Historic District.

Depending on whether you are going to the lake or just visiting Sulphur and want to see the fabulous waterfalls will help you decide which campground to choose.

The three Platt Historic District campgrounds are available for $30 per night per site. The lake campgrounds are $22 per night per site. Please check with the park directly for all official pricing.

RV camping is available on the lake at the Point and Buckhorn campgrounds on the lake. These are the only campgrounds that are reservable. The other campground sites are first-come-first-serve.

Travertine Nature Center

The Travertine Nature Center is located in the eastern portion of the Platt Historic District. This wonderful center provides visitors with an educational center, live wildlife viewing, and interactive learning about the area.

Other things you will find at the nature center:

  • Ranger led programs
  • Bookstore
  • Information deck
  • Auditorium

Visitors of all ages will love the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. The waterfalls are a must-do viewing activity while visiting the area.

Mailing address:

901 W. 1st Street
Sulphur, OK 73086


(580) 622-7234